Booking blood test information

When booking a blood test appointment at Larksfield and Arlesey Medical Partnership we will initially check if the request comes from the GP or from the hospital as well as finding out which hospital the request comes from, Lister or Bedford.

Hospital requests for Lister can be booked with the Visting Phlebotomist on a Friday here at the surgery, or at Baldock if they are non-fasting bloods as all the Baldock appointments are in the afternoon. The patient must have the ICE form with them.

Lister requests can be booked with our nurses and these appointments should preferably be offered to the older patient group/vulnerable group or patients who do not have the means to travel to the hospital.

Bedford hospital requests can be booked with the Visiting Phlebotomist on Friday before 9.30 am or the patient can attend Bedford Hospital.