Hospital Discharge Letters – Patient Information

Hospital should provide you with 14/28 days of medication when discharged.

Medicine Management/GP’s will update any appropriate changes to your repeat medication once received from the hospital. Please allow the letter at least 2 weeks for this to go through the system. Please note we can only give two weeks guidance from the date we receive the letter each department and hospital will have their own processing times.

If a mobile number is available and consent is recorded on your medical records, then we will send a message once we have updated. If you do not own a mobile telephone, please submit your requests either through System One online or our website Larksfield & Arlesey Medical Partnership ( or with a written query slip which can be put in our prescription box inside the foyer. (Please note if you are housebound this is recorded on your records if you are unable to order medication through any other avenue you would submit your requests over the telephone).

If the discharge letter states GP to review –The letter would be forwarded onto the GP to look at and they would make the decision whether you need to book an appointment or if it is not required. You would be contacted by Reception if the GP wants to see you to discuss.

Please note you will be required to request your medication they will not be automatically issued once updated repeats have been added.

Any medication queries please try if you have access our website then submit a prescription question through here, instead of calling reception, the turnaround is still 5 days the same as prescription requests however we do endeavour to answer as soon as reasonably possible.

Medicines Management